One of the objectives of the READ Program has always been to search for and disseminate the world’s best educational practices and research. The READ-2019 conference provided an opportunity to meet one of the world’s leading experts in the field of formative assessment and training – Professor Bill Boyle. From 1989 to 2014, he was Director of the Center for Formative Assessment Studies of Manchester University and now continues to work as an independent expert, researcher, and educator. Professor Boyle willingly shared his experience in developing and reforming educational systems based on the principles of formative assessment with conference participants.

“Fake education,” as Bill Boyle called today’s education, was reoriented by politicians to meet formal requirements, rather than teaching children. However, Professor believes that any educational system can be reformed and improved. In his opinion, pedagogy solid teachers, well-trained at formative teaching; students, motivated to get excellent education, as well as understanding that classroom regulation should change are key components that are required to succeed.

The report also focused on and emphasized the importance of engaging the student in the process of learning. According to Bill Boyle, a student who realizes his or her own importance in the learning process and is directly interested in its results studies much better and is more disciplined. This, in turn, gives a teacher an opportunity to apply more effective pedagogical techniques and practices, instead of being busy monitoring assignments. At the end of the presentation, the professor dwelled on the basic techniques of formative teaching and their impact on the educational process in the classroom.