The Eurasian Association for Education Quality Assessment was founded by the Center for International Cooperation in Education Development in 2012. Today, the Association is the largest and perhaps the most well-known platform for exchanging views and conducting joint research in the field of education quality assessment in Eurasia. In 2023, the Association will hold its twelfth annual conference. The conference will take place from October 19 to 21 in both online and offline formats and is organized in collaboration with Moscow City University and the Institute of Education at the Higher School of Economics.

Key thematic lines of the conference will focus on ensuring “quality” assessment of higher education, providing resources for quality education assessment to professional development institutions, and assessing literacies and competencies.

Professor William Boyle from the University of Manchester, a member of the Center’s expert council, will present at the conference. He will introduce his book “Formative Assessment for Learning and Teaching,” which has been translated and published in Russian with the support of the Center.

The conference program will include plenary sessions, sections, roundtable discussions, and webinars featuring representatives from the CIS countries and abroad, as well as leading international organizations, education development institutes, and education quality assessment agencies.

The last day of the conference will be dedicated to discussing projects and research by master’s students and graduates of programs in education quality assessment. The most promising presentations at the event will be included in the conference proceedings. A general meeting of Association members will also be held during the conference, focusing on the formation of the EAEQA work plan for the upcoming year.

Registration for the conference is available via the link. Russian and international specialists, experts, and researchers working in the field of education quality assessment, as well as master’s students and graduates of relevant programs, are invited to participate. The registration deadline for participants with presentations is October 5, 2023, for non-presenting participants (listeners) is October 12, 2023, and for online participants without presentations is October 17, 2023.