CICED implements and participates in a number of projects in Russia, CIS countries and globally. That includes grant competitions, research contests, global projects on development of approaches to contribute to achievement of 4th UN SDG, building of the distance learning platform and educational portal, organizing conferences and seminars. These activities allow to attract more specialists from Russia’s regions and CIS countries to opportunities that are provided under the READ Program, to develop capacity of experts and to enhance knowledge and experience exchange among countries that share similar approaches in education.

International research of students’ achievements (IRSA): methodology, tools, results
“Implementation of SAM methodology at secondary school physics course” webinar outcomes
Implementation of SAM methodology at secondary school physics course
Discussion of the prospects of using SAM tool for development of classroom assessment was held at EAOKO conference
Test items development training was held as part of the EAOKO conference
IRSA study workgroup meeting
VIII annual international EAOKO conference was held is Minsk
Harry Patrinos speech on achievements and future of READ program
World Bank representatives speak on READ program importance for education development
READ partner countries representatives report on cooperation with the READ program