Europe and Central Asia Comparative Education Society and Russian Center for Formative Assessment are happy to announce the publishing of the book “Formative assessment for teaching and learning” in Russian. The authors of the book are Professor Bill Boyle and Dr. Marie Charles. Professor Bill Boyle was Professor of Education, the Chair of Educational Assessment and the founding Director of the Centre for Formative Assessment Studies (CFAS) in the School of Education, University of Manchester (UK). Professor Boyle is currently supplying international education system analysis and design for curriculum, teaching, learning and assessment. Dr Marie Charles is a specialist in modelling in classroom situations the range of formative teaching methodologies including guided group working, the use of differentiation and the development of learner autonomy. Dr Charles has published extensively in international peer reviewed journals and is the co-author of a trilogy of research-based books on formative teaching based on multimodalities and multiliteracies. This book can be called long-awaited and timely. Now that when it is certain to the majority of teachers and educators that the final (summative) type of assessment do not support improvement of learning of a particular student, more and more discussions are being conducted around the principles of formative assessment. And the assessment tools themselves are especially needed. Teams of researchers and practitioners of formative assessment have already appeared in Russia and they develop such tools, this book is the first book to systematically introduce the necessary concepts, appropriate tools and specific learning situations described in detail.