READ Reimbursable Advisory Service (READ RAS) is aimed at enhancing capacity of Russian experts and organizations in the field of development aid in education focusing on educational quality.


specific educational institutions that will strengthen their capacity for analytical work and training in the area of quality of education and development aid

a network of experts that would improve their analytical capacity for applied analysis of learning outcomes and education policy in developing countries

READ RAS will provide opportunities to experts on training, capacity building and knowledge sharing in different assessment domains: classroom, large scale, national.


  • Supporting the positioning of Russia for its new role in development aid for education: institutional and organizational capacity building of network of Russian experts in education policy and assessment, CICED Expert Council;

  • Supporting Eurasian Association for Education Quality Assessment (EAOKO);

  • Supporting participation of Russian experts in global, regional, and country level activities via the three-tier development program;

  • Supporting MA and Ph.D.
    programs in educational assessments and
    quality improvement policies in education
    (including reaching out and dual
    diplomas with universities
    in CIS countries);

  • Delivery of short and medium-term training programs for Russian and ECA experts;

  • Implementing Small Grants Program.

Under the guidance of the READ Council, a group comprised of key Russian and World Bank officials, the READ Trust Fund supports work at both the global and country levels. In READ I program at the global level, the focus was on generating and sharing knowledge and good practices in the form of tools, analytical reports, and case studies. At the country level (in Angola, Armenia, Ethiopia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mozambique, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Zambia), World Bank teams and country stakeholders worked together to implement a set of READ Trust Fund–supported activities that addressed gaps in the country’s existing learning assessment system. The goal of the READ 2 Trust Fund is to continue to strengthen educational assessment capacity in developing countries, and to help countries improve their capacity to monitor and support student learning through the design, implementation, and use of robust assessment systems.