The World Bank has supported education projects in Cambodia through Bank-administered programs funded by the Global Partnership for Education as well as other development partners. The programs granted scholarships to students and trained teachers, in addition to building schools and setting up early childhood education programs. By July 2017, 38% of children between 3 and 5 years old have enrolled in urban and rural districts where 100 formal and 500 community-based new preschool facilities were provided, 3,861 community early childhood education teachers and mothers have been trained and more than 125,337 students between 3-5 years old directly benefited from project activities.

Through the Higher Education Quality and Capacity Improvement project, which was completed in September 2017, about 1,000 students received scholarships and 64 public and private professors/staff were able to complete their studies overseas. A total of 45 research grants were issued to support teaching and learning. To find solutions to local problems, 78 overseas programs and 254 local training programs were conducted for more than 10,000 higher education leaders, managers and teachers to improve the quality of Cambodia’s education.

Through support from the READ 2 TRUST FUND PROGRAM Cambodia implements project «Strengthening National Capacity and Feedback Mechanisms for Assessments».


  • Dissemination and feedback mechanisms for National Assessment results

  • Enhanced capacity to use National Assessment data with other stakeholders


Finalized national assessment report for teachers that highlighted levels of student achievement, errors they made on each item, and reasons for selecting wrong answer options


Incorporated into the national assessment report for teachers proposed teaching approaches to improve student learning achievement


  • Disseminate the national assessment report findings and recommendations to the project management team and national core trainers of Secondary Education Improvement Project (SEIP)

  • Incorporate recommended actions in the national report into mentoring and teacher upgrading programs under SEIP