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EAOKO Conference 2020: How to effectively assess the quality of distance education?
NLSA assessment
Using Formative Assessments to Improve Learning Outcomes in the Kyrgyz Republic
Improving Armenia’s Unified Entrance Exam with Computer-Based Testing
Master Course in Armenia
Strengthening the Classroom Assessment System
Strengthening Assessment and Examination Systems in Nepal’s School Sector
Support to Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Assessments
Strengthening Student Assessment for Improved Learning
Improving Assessment Systems in India and South Asia
Strengthening National Capacity and Feedback Mechanisms for Assessments
Strengthening Educational Assessment Capacity to Support Better Learning Outcomes
Student Assessment for Policymakers and Practitioners
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Master’s degree programs
Russian Training Center
Three-Tier Expert Capacity Building Program
Small Grants Program
Master of Arts (MA) Degree in Education Quality for CIS countries
Ph.D. Program in Educational Measurement and Evaluation
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International research of students’ achievements (IRSA): methodology, tools, results
“Implementation of SAM methodology at secondary school physics course” webinar outcomes
Implementation of SAM methodology at secondary school physics course
Discussion of the prospects of using SAM tool for development of classroom assessment was held at EAOKO conference
Test items development training was held as part of the EAOKO conference
IRSA study workgroup meeting
VIII annual international EAOKO conference was held is Minsk
Harry Patrinos speech on achievements and future of READ program
World Bank representatives speak on READ program importance for education development
READ partner countries representatives report on cooperation with the READ program
Reforming examinations: READ partner countries share experience
“Public examinations examined” book presented at READ conference
“Best Classroom Assessment Practices-2019” contest awardees shared experience at READ conference
Bill Boyle: transforming education through formative teaching, learning and assessment
Use of results of monitoring for improvement of education quality: case of Students’ Achievement Monitoring
READ Conference: MA and PhD programs developed with the support of the Program
READ program plays crucial role in global effort to eliminate learning poverty
CICED participated at BE2 working group meeting
Study tour to OECD and UNESCO IIEP in frames of READ program
IRSA international workgroup meeting in Erevan
Participation in international task forces and working groups
Participation in international projects
Study tours and educational events
CICED Annual International Conference
Research Contests
CICED’s online learning platform
Small Grants Program