Support to Early Grade Reading and Mathematics Assessments

 Focal Areas

  • Enhancing stakeholder capacity to use assessment data to improve teaching and learning
  • Training and professional development of teachers in use of classroom assessment practices

 September 2017 Achievements

  • Baseline benchmarking of current assessment system using SABER-Student Assessment tools
  • Analysis of data collected under country’s first-ever nationally-representative early grades (grades 1 and 2) Mongolian language assessment (EGRA). Data analysis for early grades math assessment (EGMA) underway.
  • World Bank team coordinating with Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (MECS) to organize first national-level round-1 EGRA and EGMA results dissemination workshop (to be held in October). Workshop to target Ministry officials, Ulaanbaatar city education officers, and school principals, and discuss assessment findings and corrective interventions, focusing on needs of children from ethnic minority households in disadvantaged, urban, and peri-urban areas.
  • Review of Mongolia’s pre-service curriculum for primary school teachers underway, with goal to develop teacher training plan for use of formative assessments as part of routine classroom practice in grades 1 and 2. First phase of review has been completed. Based on the findings, the next phase will focus on formative assessment training delivered to student teachers, its adequacy and effectiveness, specifically in math and language.
  • Impact evaluation specialist recruited to lead conceptualization and organization of workshop to train MECS monitoring and evaluation (M&E) officers on the randomized control treatment (RCT) approach in impact evaluations.