Improving Assessment Systems in India and South Asia

 Focal Areas

  • Enhancing stakeholder capacity to use assessment data to improve teaching and learning
  • Setting up regional network for sharing of good practices and resources on assessment


September 2017 Achievements

  • Baseline benchmarking of current assessment activities using SABER-Student Assessment tools
  • Ongoing support to Government of India for enhancing design, analysis, and reporting of the National Achievement Survey (NAS) for Grades 3, 5, and 8
  • Ongoing planning for South Asia Regional Workshop on large-scale assessments (planned for April 2018), including discussions with UNESCO, UNICEF, and ACER on jointly hosting and their specific roles
  • Completed survey of World Bank colleagues in South Asia region regarding their preferences for the Regional Workshop (e.g., topics to be covered, experts to be invited, duration/location) as an input to finalizing the agenda
  • Search for consultants to lead background analysis of grade 10 NAS data