CICED projects

CICED organizes study-tours to partner organizations and educational institutions in READ countries. Study tours help to gain knowledge about educational system and standards of READ countries, modern trends in assessment utilized by leading organizations, stimulate knowledge and experience exchange. In 2017 group of Russian experts has attended short term overview course at the Word Bank HQ in Washington DC to increase outcomes of the mutual projects and to improve cooperation in READ frameworks. The course in the World Bank was followed by the visit to Educational Testing Services and 3 days course on performing of large scale assessments at country levels. Similar study tours are being planned for 2018 to CITO (Netherlands) and educational entities in Nepal and Vietnam.

Participation in short term courses organized by leading educational organizations. Since 2010 Russian specialists undergo joint courses by IERI Institute and Educational Testing Services on assessment designs, and the use of Item Response Theory (IRT) and population modeling in large-scale assessments. The goal of the courses is to familiarize participants with the topics related to assessment designs and IRT, and enable them to use commercially available software to conduct appropriate IRT analysis and generate proficiency estimates or plausible values.  The course if a unique opportunity for Russian experts to get familiar with and improve their knowledge on test design and questionnaire design and topic questions of large scale assessment without attending long term MA programs.