On November 5, winners of the international competition “Practices of Classroom Assessment-2019” organized with the support of the Center for International Cooperation in Education Development (CICED) shared experience at the READ conference. Tatyana Konovalenko from Samara region presented the technology of working with research projects of students containing embedded elements of classroom assessment. Tatyana Borisenko and Natalya Petukhova, representing Yamalo-Nenets autonomous district, spoke about their experience in diagnosing pupils’ subject competence at primary school lessons. Andrei Shpak, a representative of Omsk region, made a presentation on the topic “In-classroom assessment by means of information educational environment using indeterminate measuring tools as an instrument for education quality improvement”. While reporting, teachers presented the concepts of their developments along with practical experience of implementation in pedagogical work.

The speakers agreed that demonstrated instruments of in-classroom assessment improve the quality of education, encourage the involvement of students in the educational process, promote self-learning and develop necessary skills. The presented methodological developments and assessment tools are means of getting feedback from pupils, allow identifying gaps in subject understanding and using this knowledge to work out individual curricula.