The annual conference of Comparative & International Education Society (CIES) will be held on 22-26 of March 2020 in Miami. The theme for the CIES-2020 is  what environmental changes and their political, economic and social consequences entail for education. 

During the roundtable discussion, organized by CICED, experts from Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan will deliver presentations on the experience of participation in projects conducted in the frames of the Russia Education Aid for Development (READ) program, which were aimed at building expert capacity, strengthening international cooperation and developing national education quality assessment systems. The current results of long-term International Research of Students’ Achievements (IRSA) project will become a key topic for the roundtable discussion, as it is an outstanding example of cooperation of experts representing leading eurasian education institutions.

IRSA is a cross-country partnership research project, focused on building evidence on how various factors impact quality of math education in participating countries. During project implementation experience was gained on localization of Student Achievements’ Monitoring (SAM) test tool for different languages and cultural contexts; new methodologies for analysis of school curricula and textbooks and large-scale cross-country comparative research conducting were developed and successfully implemented. Besides that a fundamentally new instrument for assessment of teaching practices was developed and piloted. In addition to that educational events for specialists from partnership countries were conducted: workshops, seminars, study tours, training programs.

During the roundtable discussion participants will have an opportunity to answer questions from the audience and present vision of further development of national educational systems in the view of IRSA outcomes. Session presentations will be available at CICED website.