UNESCO Institute of Statistic released new data for Sustainable Development Goals. In the current release, the UIS provides data for 44 SDG indicators, including the new global indicator 4.7.1 Mainstreaming global citizenship education and education for sustainable development and thematic indicator 4.1.0 Proportion of children/young people prepared for the future. The UIS piloted approaches to incorporating data from national official sources, adding over 6,000 data points for 16 indicators with significant gains in coverage for sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia and Small Island State. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increasing demand for data on out-of-school children (Indicator 4.1.4). From the collection for the reference year ending in 2020, data on out-of-school rates have been updated for over 100 countries, and new countries have been added. UIS data can be obtained from the following sources: UIS Data Portal, Bulk data download service (BDDS) and SDG4 data resources, which contains resources to visualize SDG 4 data and benchmark data. Drawing from the data piloting project, the UIS compiled and launched The National Repository of Education Indicator Reports, which contains links to national reports that include data on enrolment, repeaters, teachers and school infrastructure; and the Repository of Education Expenditure Reports that hosts the different links to reports on budgeted or executed expenditure.

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