After a few years of skipping due to reforming of education and then Coronavirus pandemic, the Kyrgyz republic is coming back to participation in one of the largest monitoring research of education quality in the world PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment). Country will participate in 2025 PISA after absence since 2009. The results of 2009 PISA for Kyrgyzstan put country in the last place. A great preparation of the entire educational system of the country is needed and already started. Participation in PISA requires to have appropriately trained personnel, educational and methodological literature published according to certain educational standards. That is, we are talking about the training system.

As part of the preparatory process Kyrgyzstan in partnership with the World Bank launched informational and methodological programs and seminars that will help to train teachers. Many of these educational events are supported by the experts of the READ Program.

Also there are few preparatory testing are taking place throughout 2022. The National Center for Evaluation of the Quality of Education and Information Technologies of the Ministry of Education and Science, with the support of the World Bank, adapted and developed functional literacy tests, questionnaires for students, teachers and school administration. Based on the results of testing, an analytical report will be prepared on the indicators of schools with recommendations how to support secondary educational organizations to improve the level of functional literacy of students,” the ministry said.