We present the latest edition of “Trends Shaping Education 2019” study carried out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED)

Have you ever wondered if education plays an important role in preparing our civilization for an artificial intelligence age? Or whether climate change can impact on our schools, families and society? “Trends Shaping Education” examines major economic, political, social and technological trends affecting education. While the trends are robust, the questions raised in this research are suggestive, and aim to promote strategic thinking and stimulate debates on the challenges facing education and on how and whether education can influence these trends. This document covers a wide variety of issues related to globalization, democracy, security, ageing and modern cultures.

The content for this 2019 edition has been updated and also expanded with a wide range of new indicators. Along with the trends and their correlation with education, it includes a new section – forecasts and futures-thinking, inspired by foresights and methodologies. This document is designed to give policy makers, researchers, educational leaders, administrators and teachers a robust, non-specialist (independent) source of comparison of international trends concerning education either in schools, universities or programs for senior audience. It can also be useful and interesting for students and related public, e.g. parents.

Full version of the study is here.