“Strengthening the Classroom Assessment System”

Focal Area
• Enhancing classroom assessment practices nationwide

October – December 2018 Achievements
• Trained 50 pilot teachers for the teacher training program using the Classroom Assessment package, which included training modules for in-service teacher training and a teachers’ guide
• Collected and analyzed baseline student learning assessment data
• Conducted a pilot on teacher monitoring and mentoring for the 50 teachers in the pilot teacher training program; the monitoring and mentoring mechanism details how trained teachers will be monitored and provided with methodological support from a team of mentors
• Collected and analyzed teacher monitoring and mentoring data from the pilot

Upcoming Achievements
• Revise the Classroom Assessment package based on the results of Phase 1 of the pilot
• Conduct mid-term learning assessment for grades 1-4 in three subjects: Math, Tajik Language, and Natural Science
• Select approximately 550 trainees for the Classroom Assessment training
• Conduct training of teachers using the revised Classroom Assessment package