Localization of Student Achievement Monitoring (SAM) in CIS countries
Development of methodology of analysis and comparison of Math textbooks used in primary schools in CIS countries
STEP Skills Measurement Program
SABER-Learning Standards
IC Literacy Test
SABER-Student Assessment
Reviews and Research on Key Assessment Topics
PISA for Development
International Research of Student Achievement (IRSA)
SABER Program
READ NEWSLETTER Issue 8 (December 2018)
Booklet on Assessment of subject competencies. Mathematics. In Armenian, Belorussian, Kyrgyz and Tajik languages
CICED’s Annual Report 2018
CICED’s Annual Report 2017
CICED’s Annual Report 2016
Booklet on International research of student achievments
Booklet on methodology of analysis and comparison of Math textbooks
READ NEWSLETTER Issue 5 (March 2018)
READ NEWSLETTER Issue 6 (June 2018)
READ NEWSLETTER Issue 7 (September 2018)
National Assessments of Educational Achievement Series
PISA for Development