In the framework of conducting cross-country research it is planned to use Student Achievement Monitoring (SAM) as the main tool for data collection. SAM is based on the taxonomy developed in the theory of cultural growth by Lev Vigotskiy. In 2017 a methodology of analysis and comparison of Math textbooks used in primary schools in CIS countries was developed to investigate the use of SAM in different countries and to collect research results that correlate with research objectives and questions. The objective of the methodology is to conduct content analysis of textbooks against SAM taxonomy. The conducting of this analysis will provide the answers to the question about correspondence of Math content to SAM levels of knowledge acquisition.

In addition to textbook analysis the comparison and analysis of Math curriculum in 3rd and 4th grades of primary school in different CIS countries was conducted. During analysis, characteristics like amount of teaching time in Math, structure and content; cognitive content and methods of teaching were investigated.

The developed methodology was presented to country teams during a series of scientific seminars. Country teams that take part in cross-country research underwent training on application of this methodology and later conducted content analysis of primary school textbooks and curriculum.