The manual and the book on assessment tool that measures subject competencies of school students of SAM have been published.


Tests of SAM (Student Achievements Monitoring) in educational practice.

Author: Nezhnov P.G.

The manual is devoted to the system to monitor educational results, called SAM (Student Achievements Monitoring).

The book is addressed to teachers, heads of educational organizations, technology trainers, educational specialists, methodologists, school psychologists and specialists of the quality assessment service.

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Diagnosis of educational-subject competencies. Second edition.

Authors: Nezhnov P.G., Gorbov S.F., Sokolova O.V.

The book presents a model of qualitative assessment of the subject-specific competencies of students, known as SAM (Student Achievement Monitoring). The psychological grounds of the model, including key concepts and theories of cultural development theory (L.S. Vygotsky and others), theoretically assigned qualitative levels of mastering the subject content by schoolchildren, are described in detail, the principles for constructing appropriate diagnostic tests are outlined. Examples of assignments of different levels with comments on all the main sections of mathematics and the Russian language in the primary school are given.

The book will be useful for teachers and heads of educational institutions, methodologists, school psychologists and specialists of the education quality assessment.

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