On 4 October 2022, hundreds came together online to participate in the launch webinar of UNESCO’s ESD for 2030 Global Network (ESD-Net 2030). With the support of the Government of Japan, UNESCO’s new network aims to facilitate the implementation of the ESD for 2030 framework and its Roadmap by enhancing knowledge sharing, collaboration, mutual learning, advocacy, monitoring, and evaluation, among a wide range of education stakeholders. The launch webinar introduced the objective and planned activities of the Network and featured interventions from several Member States as well as an interactive session highlighting the relationship between culture and sustainability.

The webinar provided an overview of the ESD for 2030 Country Initiatives – country plans that map, mobilize and create synergies among ongoing and new ESD activities that Member States are currently developing and implementing as part of the ESD for 2030 Roadmap. It is now time to systematically embed ESD in all aspects of education systems, and that this can only be possible when all stakeholders talk to each other, break down silos, and connect the dots.

The workshop was divided into 4 breakout rooms to dive deeper into innovative opportunities for ESD:

  • Utilizing cultural centers as informal learning platforms for education for sustainable development
  • How to use art to as an expressive tool for connecting people with sustainability
  • Practicing effective communication to empower us to become leaders for ESD in our daily conversations
  • Taking action in our workplace and daily lives to engage in sustainability.

Participants were then encouraged to try out some of these practices and prepare a short video or photo essay of their experiences.

For more information on country initiatives, please visit: