The annual event will be held on October 13 and 14, 2022 in a mixed format (offline in Moscow + online). The work of the conference will consist of online plenums, sessions and webinars with the participation of representatives from the CIS countries and far abroad, as well as leading international organizations, institutions for the development of education and agencies for assessing the quality of education.

Informing educational policy is one of the most important tasks of modern measures to assess the quality of education. Today, developers and researchers often have not only the actual assessment results, but also a continuously growing amount of contextual information: demographic, socio-economic characteristics of assessment participants, features of the educational environment, and other data. The key content of the conference will be the sharing of assessment results with contextual data in the interests of increasing educational equity. The conference program will also include reports on the adoption of other political and managerial decisions based on the evaluation activities.

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